How Organizations Can Proactively Tackle Phishing Attacks

Posted on July 1, 2022 | Data Protection

What can businesses do to take a more proactive stance in the battle against phishing ? Find out in this Expert Insights interview with Billy Smith and Mike Jones of Fortra. 

They discuss the evolution of social engineering attacks in today’s hybrid workplace and describe how the Phishing Protection Solutions from Agari and PhishLabs by Fortra work together to not only detect phishing attacks but disrupt the threat actor operations. 

Originally published in Expert Insights


“So, we have something that we call Active Defense which emphasizes turning the tables on the criminals and puts some of the hurt back on them. 

We get information so we can report threat actors to the banks and shut them down. And that starts raising the cost for these criminals. So, their ROI isn’t like it used to be. And doing creative things like that is important, because otherwise, why would they ever stop? If there’s no penalty to them for failing and they can just keep trying indefinitely, why would they stop?

Ultimately, we’re trying to make it harder for the attacker.”

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