IT Jungle: 2023 IBM I Predictions, Part 1 | Press Release

IT Jungle: 2023 IBM I Predictions, Part 1

Posted on January 19, 2023

In this IT Jungle article, Fortra experts share their IBM i market predictions for 2023. 

Originally published in IT Jungle 


“Automated operations will accelerate along with migration to the cloud,” automation is key in operations, job scheduling and regular complex and simple tasks, but the resources for skilled IBM Power Systems people are scarce and becoming even scarcer as a generation of IBMers retire and there are fewer skilled people around to replace them.” - Donnie MacColl 

“2023 will mark a year where customers finally make the move to cloud-based hosting of their IBM i environments. This has been a slower trend in the IBM space, but 2023 will see more energy around these decisions as workload targets like Skytap, Google, and IBM become more popular around the globe.” - Tom Huntington  

“Experienced Power Systems developers and administrators, often who share the same role, are desperate to leave their systems in good hands. They are working with management to bring in IT talent with zero IBM i experience and mentoring them.” - Chuck Losinski 

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