IT Jungle: 2023 IBM I Predictions, Part 2

Posted on January 25, 2023

What’s in store for the IBM i community in 2023? Find out in part 2 of IT Jungle’s prediction series featuring Fortra’s Robin Tatam and Amneris Teruel.  

Originally published in IT Jungle 


“Threats will expand more in supply chain and infrastructure and be tied back to nation state and other organizations,” he continues. “With each ‘successful’ breach, the necessity to prioritize via a threat matrix and risk evaluations will be further highlighted. Customers will seek to increase their focused identification and management of cyber responses.” - Robin Tatam 

“During 2022, in LATAM, many organizations using IBM i have been hacked and their IBM i servers were impacted (IFS files encrypted, files containing virus found in the IBM i),” she tells IT Jungle. “Many of those organizations didn’t have an action plan defined for these situations, other than unplugging the IBM i server from the network. In my opinion, during 2023, more organizations will implement IMPs that will include defining the tasks required for the IBM i server when impacted.” - Amneris Teruel 

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