The Last Watchdog: The Drivers Behind Persistent Ransomware and Defensive Tactics to Deploy

In his guest essay for The Last Watchdog, Eric George, Director of Solutions Engineering at PhishLabs by Fortra, explains what ransomware is, who the high-stake threat actors are, and how organizations can defend themselves against ransomware attacks.

Originally published in The Last Watchdog

“Ransomware usually starts with a phishing email. An unsuspecting employee will open a legitimate-looking message and click a link or download a file that releases embedded malware onto their machine or the broader company network.”

“This gives the perpetrator the access needed to launch the ransomware and lock the company out of its own infrastructure or encrypt files until the ransom is paid in cryptocurrency.”

“These threat actors aren’t playful hackers just testing their abilities. They’re often state-sponsored entities, foreign governments, or actual businesses.” 

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