Solutions Review: The Exploding Vulnerability Arms Race | Press Release

Solutions Review: The Exploding Vulnerability Arms Race

Posted on January 6, 2023

In an exclusive for Solutions Review’s Premium Content Series, Rohit Dhamankar from Fortra’s Alert Logic warns of a growing Cyber Cold War as countries stockpile vulnerabilities. 

Originally published in Solutions Review 


"The size of the attack surface continues to expand due to the continued adoption of cloud technologies. Yet security continues to lag far behind. Why? Often, in the rush to go-to-market, organizations have little time or resources to spend on security. In addition to a growing attack surface, the type of software vulnerabilities has changed.

In the past, vulnerabilities would predominantly be found in various operating systems and web applications. While these attack vectors haven’t gone away, now vulnerabilities are much more complex, and hackers are increasingly using vulnerability chaining to compromise their targets." 

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