YouMail and Fortra's PhishLabs Sign Mutual Referral Partnership

Posted on January 24, 2023

Agreement Enhances Mutual Customers' Detection, Intelligence, and Mitigation Capabilities Against Phishing Attacks

YouMail, Inc., today announced a partnership with Fortra's PhishLabs. The agreement strengthens YouMail Protective Services' defenses with curated threat intelligence, while enhancing PhishLabs' security protections to block voice phishing (vishing) attacks.

PhishLabs is a cyber threat intelligence company that delivers Digital Risk Protection through curated threat intelligence and complete threat mitigation. PhishLabs provides comprehensive brand impersonation, account takeover, data leakage, and social media threat protections in one complete solution for the world's leading brands and companies.

YouMail Protective Services performs AI-based threat detection, analysis, and mitigation for communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to protect against unwanted and malicious traffic. These services serve as a B2B watchdog solution that helps CSPs uncover unlawful calls made on their networks, while helping large enterprises protect their brands against robocall spoofing campaigns.

"YouMail is excited to partner with Fortra to improve our ability to detect and block malicious vishing attacks and voice scams for mutual customers," said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. "This partnership represents a security win-win for businesses of all sizes and their end users."

YouMail Protective Services identifies scam calling traffic by combining YouMail's patented technologies, a team of in-house experts, and data from billions of calls and thousands of calling campaigns. These services rely on data from the YouMail Sensor Network, which is collected via messages and audio trails left by illegal robocalls to YouMail app users, representing real consumers and small- to medium-sized businesses. In turn, state and federal authorities use the data to sanction bad actors and to support legal actions against malicious robocallers, connecting YouMail users directly to the national fight against robocalls.

"We look forward to strengthening the security safeguards that protect our customers by teaming up with YouMail," said Billy Smith, Managing Director of Fortra's PhishLabs. "In addition to our strong detection capabilities for SMS attacks, this partnership will give our users a trusted resource to enhance the detection and mitigation of scams designed to target consumers via the telephone."


About YouMail, Inc.

YouMail protects consumers, enterprises, and carriers from harmful phone calls. YouMail provides US and UK consumers app-based call protection services through the YouMail, Another Number, and HulloMail apps. These solutions answer over a billion live calls per year across well over 10 million registered users, powering America's most robust telephone sensor network in identifying and providing zero-hour protection against illegal calling campaigns and cyberattacks. YouMail Protective Services leverages this sensor network to protect consumer-facing enterprises by detecting and helping shut down imposter traffic that can lead to financial or brand damage, as well as to protect carriers with robocall mitigation services that detect and help stop bad traffic originating, traversing, or terminating on their networks. This sensor network is also used to provide the YouMail Robocall Index™ is the nation's definitive source on telephone network activity and attacks. YouMail, Inc. is privately funded and based in Irvine, California. 


About Fortra  

Fortra is a cybersecurity company like no other. We're creating a simpler, stronger future for our customers. Our trusted experts and portfolio of integrated, scalable solutions bring balance and control to organizations around the world. We’re the positive changemakers and your relentless ally to provide peace of mind through every step of your cybersecurity journey. Learn more at  



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