ZDNet: Scammers Are Using This Sneaky Trick to Bypass Spam Filters

...and trick you into handling over bank details and passwords

Posted on August 19, 2022 | Infrastructure and Data Protection , Data Protection

Hybrid vishing (email-initiated voice phishing) attacks are on the rise. In this ZDNet article, John Wilson discusses the findings from the latest Agari and PhishLabs research and explains what organizations can do to help prevent hybrid vishing attacks.

Originally published in ZDNet.com 


"These emails are particularly adept at getting past attack controls because they lack the typical links or attachments that are flagged by security teams, and instead initiate attacks on customers via phone numbers. This not only evades security teams but also catches busy users off guard," John Wilson, senior fellow responsible for threat research at Agari by Fortra told ZDNET. "

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