Product Training

Learn how to do exactly what you need to with our products and benefit from advanced features with expert help online, on-demand, or in-person.

Training For Your Users At Every Skill Level


Getting you up and running quickly is always our first priority at Fortra. Our software is easy and quick to install, but when you have additional training needs, we can teach you what you need to know. Develop the confidence and skills you need to maintain your software the right way.

I’ve had plenty of training over the years and Fortra rates in the top 20 percent of any on-site service we’ve ever used. We had a huge need and high hopes, and the trainer really helped us. It was great training—a very valuable experience.

Don Erlanger, Manager of Information Technology, Cashman Equipment

What Kind of Training Do You Need?


Product Best Practices

You know a lot, but you might be unaware of product features that could really benefit your business. Optimize your day-to-day operations with tips and tricks from the professionals on how to work more efficiently and use features for better results. We’ll help you learn how to master the products to solve business problems as efficiently as possible.

Customized Training

Do you have some new team members who could benefit from a product overview and Q&A time? Are you looking for guidance on how to use a particular software feature? Or maybe your team is new to the i and you’d like some general training on the platform. We can customize our training to meet you company’s needs, whether your users are beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Product Mentoring

Increase your knowledge about the Fortra products you use every day in an informal setting. If you don’t want to attend a training course, product mentoring aims to help you develop knowledge and learn best practices through one-on-one training.

Product Certification

Prove you’re the expert by receiving your product certification for certain Fortra products. Take a timed multiple choice exam and receive proof of product certification to meet training requirements or to become an internal resource for the products you use every day.

Flexible Training in the Format You Need





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