Thanks to the acquisition of Tango/04 Computing Group, Fortra has strengthened its presence in Europe and Latin America and expanded its offering of IT management and security solutions worldwide.


Founded in Barcelona in 1991, Tango/04 Computing Group specialized in providing software that helped organizations monitor IT systems and secure data. In 2016 it was acquired by Fortra. 

Thousands of customers around the world rely on Tango/04 Computing Group and its great staff in offices in Spain and Argentina. The company has always focused on helping organizations improve processes and service levels, comply with security audits, increase productivity, and reduce their operating costs by aligning IT with business goals.

In 2016, Tango/04 became HelpSystem’s headquarters for Southern Europe and Latin America, taking advantage of the Tango/04 Group expertise in these regions and expanding the Tango/04 offering to keep helping IT teams achieve their business goals.

Alignia, Tango/04 Computing Group’s flagship solution was added to Fortra's portfolio and renamed as two distinct solutions: Powertech Event Manager and Vityl IT & Business Monitoring. Fortra continues to sell, enhance and support Tango/04 solutions worldwide.

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring

IT Service Monitoring with Business Insights

Event Manager

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Software

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VISUAL Message Center

Security, IT services and business monitoring.


VISUAL Support


VISUAL Control Center

Performance optimization of applications on IBM i.


VISUAL Debugger for Windows



VISUAL Debugger 5250



Tango/04 Data Monitor