Event Manager

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Software

Identify and Respond to Security Events in Real Time

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Rapid Threat Detection and Response

As threats grow more sophisticated, speed is essential. Risks need to be identified and addressed before damage can occur. Fortra's SIEM software, Event Manager, prioritizes security risks in real time. Automated escalation and streamlined incident response with security event management fast-tracks your response time and resolution.

Separate Critical Events from the Noise

Organizations today collect more security data than ever. Many security events require little to no attention, but serious issues require a rapid response. In that sea of security data, it's easy for important information to be overlooked. Event Manager reduces alert fatigue by identifying and escalating critical security events, enabling security analysts to respond quickly and effectively. In addition to default settings filtering out insignificant information or benign threats, users can fine tune the data they see, and add inclusion/exclusion rules about what exactly should be processed by Event Manager. Additionally, users can adjust within the dashboard itself, selecting and filtering out alerts that appear that they no longer want to view in the future.

Complete Audit Trail

Compliance mandates require organizations to prove they know what events are occurring in their environment. Auditors and management teams alike want to see that threat detection and response continues to improve over time. Event Manager records all security events and documents investigations into security events, including notes for closed cases and reported incidents. Reports can also be conveniently scheduled to generate at any time, making it easy to meet compliance requirements and report on security progress over time.

Translate Data into Actionable Intelligence

IT environments are diverse and security events come from a wide variety of sources. These sources display data differently, which requires security analysts to develop fluency and expertise in each format—and increases the opportunity for human error. SIEM software consolidates information in one place and normalizes data, providing context an analyst needs to understand and respond quickly. This enables a faster, more effective response to critical issues.

Since no two organizations are alike, Event Manager allows you to tailor any report as needed with an intuitive interface by selecting, highlighting, and relating any events, threats, and incidents. These fully searchable and shareable reports can also be exported into a variety of formats (PDF, CSV, DOC, XLS).

What I like about [Powertech Event Manager] is the flexibility it offers you to manage incidents proactively.

Philipe Bézamat, Systems and Information Director, MGF Logistique

Key Features of Event Manager

Security Event Prioritization

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It is impossible to stay ahead of the curve if your security team is buried investigating meaningless security events. Our security information and event management software helps you determine which events are most critical and which events are lower priority. We make the prioritization process easy with out-of-the-box controls that can be adjusted as you see fit.

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SIEM Integration for Meaningful Insight


Our SIEM platform enriches the data to provide your team with helpful insight. Event Manager provides normalized event data for an extensive number of platforms and provides simple support for integrating audit data through a variety of standard technologies like Windows Eventlog, Syslog, Database and log files. Event Manager leaves no device behind, providing a tool for converting custom data sources so they are also fully integrated.


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One-Size-Fits-All SIEM Solution

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Organizations have different requirements and varying degrees of resources. Event Manager is a security information and event management platform that can take threat detection and response to the next level while remaining easy-to-use, making it a sophisticated and flexible solution suitable for organizations of all sizes and industries to rely on.

For instance, small businesses or those with limited resources can utilize our free SIEM to help them proactively manage risk with their existing staff. And large enterprises dealing with an unmanageable number of security events can rely on Event Manager to make rapid threat detection and response attainable for substantial, complex networks and high volumes of security events to manage.

See What Event Manager Can Do

Event Manager relays actionable intelligence that enables you to manage potential vulnerabilities proactively, protecting your business and your customers from devastating data breaches. Watch this short demo to see its features in action, including:

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Streamlined incident response
  • Data enrichment
  • Built in and tailored integrations
  • Complete audit trails and scheduled reporting

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