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Insite Analytics


Data Access and Analysis, Simplified

Real-time access to business intelligence has become a necessity in our fast-paced environments. Not just access, but at-a-glance visual representation of the data. Disparate tools tracking your business and IT environments can make your head spin and keep you from making effective, smart business decisions.

Insite dashboards bring together all your IT and business data into a single pane of glass. Query any data source and place a corresponding chart, table, or graph on a dashboard. Keep your key decision makers informed.

Simple and powerful business intelligence from start to finish 

Let Insite Analytics do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Installation, configuration, and use is straightforward. Within the application, IT professionals can set up any data source in a snap. Queries can then be built in a few clicks, either by IT or power users. Once the query is built, use widgets to display data in a chart, graph, or table. 

Insight at every level 

See your data in real time on a dashboard. Drill down into results for deeper insights. Once built, your dashboard just needs refreshing. No need to repull reports. 

Application for every department

Tailor dashboards for visibility into the data that is applicable for each department and role. Easily organize and share queries and dashboards.


  • Intuitive query and dashboard builder
  • Mobile-friendly dashboards
  • Single user interface alongside other Fortra products
  • Access any data, not just Fortra data
  • Drilldown functionality
  • Simplified access to real-time data
  • Cross-platform data collection


  • Any relational database
    • Including: DB2, Oracle, PostgresSQL, MS SQLServer, MySQL, Excel, and Access

  • Robot Schedule
  • Automate Enterprise
  • Robot Network
  • Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i
  • Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i
  • Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i


  • Windows
  • Linux

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