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Make it easier to capture, manage, and access documents with document management solutions. Save yourself time, paper, storage space, and headache when you digitize documents and automate your key business practices.

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Paper documents will always have some role in the modern workplace. But making them the center of your business isn't practical in terms of cost, security, routing, or storage. 

Some organizations have begun a slow transition to digital documents to try to manage documents better However, often they fail to follow a well-defined process, meaning that documents get lost, duplicated, or stuck in a pile on an approver's desk. Paper isn't secure, and it's much harder to track revisions.

Time, accuracy, and even entire documents are lost when your organization uses manual processes. 

Get it all back and then some by automating with document management software.


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Go Paperless with a Comprehensive Solution

Your organization deserves more than simply an electronic filing cabinet. It's time to scan, store, and retrieve documents with a sophisticated digital storage solution that can do it all.


Benefits of Electronic Document Management

Document management solution from HelpSystems

Save on Everything

By switching to electronic documents, you’ll drastically cut paper and toner spending while also freeing up storage space previously required for endless filing cabinets. Then save on time as the right automation solution routes your document from point to point in the workflow.

Boost Productivity

Stop wasting time searching filing cabinets for paper documents and doing manual data entry. Scan existing paper documents into your document management system and add forms management software to automate data entry, freeing employees up to spend time on more productive tasks.

Tighten Up Document Security

You can’t ensure document security for your documents in filing cabinets and shared folders. With a digital storage solution, you can ensure that only authorized users have access to documents. Proper security controls mean you don't have to worry about documents being lost, altered, or stolen. They'll be safe on-premises or in the cloud.

Remove the Blindfold

Know where your organization's documents are, who has accessed them, and what changes have been made—at all times. Keep tabs on approval processes easily and accurately.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

No matter where your document approvers are—at a desk, in a meeting, out of the office—you won't have to worry about approval processes halting at a crucial stage. No more losing papers at the bottom of a tall stack or chasing down employees for signatures. Documents will automatically route from person to person in a quick and smooth approval process.

Prove Compliance

The right document management solution creates the document trail you need in order to prove compliance (e.g. SOX and HIPAA). Instead of having to track down information, the solution will keep track of changes to your documents and data for you.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Start by reading The Document Management Guide for more information on automated processes and workflows.


Use Cases

A digital document management solution for capturing, managing, and accessing documents electronically saves time, increases efficiency, and reduces error.
The best place to begin document management solution implementation is the department most overwhelmed by its paper processes, such as:

Documents are a constant. Every business needs to capture, manage, and distribute documents. Meeting your business needs today requires implementing a document management solution.

Fortra document management solutions work in any industry. Our experts will work with you to identify areas to improve your processes and which elements of document management will help you most.

Check out how document management works in some specific industries and see how others have found success >

In our case, we had a single project that justified Webdocs, but then when we started using it we realized that there were 1,001 other things we could do with it. I can see the day when we might get to a paperless office.

Peter Coliukos, Director of Information Technology, Empire Merchants

Your Three Biggest Problems—And How to Solve Them

1. Your workflow isn't working for you.

2. Manual data entry is a pain.

3. Paper documents are burying you alive.


Automate Your Document Processes Today

Isn't it about time you simplified your document management processes?

Fortra Document Management solutions helps organizations running on Windows and/or IBM i. With this document management solution, you can automate processes like data entry and document routing without lifting a finger.