Electronic Forms Solution for Simplified Forms Management

Fill out forms quickly, easily, and accurately. Implementing a web-based forms solution helps your organization get the data you need to achieve your goals.

Leave Paper-Based Forms Processes Behind


Paper forms are still commonly used by many organizations to capture customer, client, patient, or employee information. But paper-based forms processes create bottlenecks and don’t keep that information secure. It’s much harder to prove compliance, and routing takes forever.

From capture to routing, paper forms are riddled with slowdowns and redundancies. But an electronic forms solution can change all that.

With easy-to-use forms creation tools and intuitive workflow setup, the right forms solution will streamline your processes, secure information, provide visibility into routing, and integrate with your systems.

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As soon as we got up and running with Webdocs, those pre-printed forms went away immediately.

Kathleen Creamer, IT Manager, Hi-Temp Insulation, Inc.

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A Paperless Forms Solution for Any Industry

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Data security has never been a bigger issue. And digital solutions have never been in higher demand. Reduce your paper workload while keeping information secure. The right forms solution provides visibility into edits and version control while limiting access.

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Compliance with HIPAA is a pain to prove without a forms solution. Pass audits with a clean bill of compliance by proving that patient information is secure and confidential. Plus, you’ll make it a breeze for your patients to give you their information.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Using automated data capture and forms solutions, your business can stay focused on delivering high-quality products with great service. Invoice processing, approval routing, and ordering will practically complete themselves.

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Benefits of Electronic Forms

✔ Save time by getting the data you need directly into your systems without rekeying.

✔ Ensure data accuracy by eliminating paper forms and handwritten information.

✔ Simplify processes with easy web-based forms creation and routing.


Simplify Forms Processes

By removing the paper from your forms processes, your organization will be able eliminate unnecessary, redundant steps and collect information more quickly.

Tailor Forms for Your Business

Create custom forms that ask for the information you need, provided in the format that works for you. The right electronic solution makes creating forms an intuitive, easy process that saves you time.

Automate Data Capture

With the right forms solution, you can capture information into your systems automatically. As a result, you can spend your time on other tasks—and your customer, client, and/or patient will be able to fill out forms faster. It’s a win-win.

Standardize Data Capture

Your organization will finally be able to standardize how forms are filled out. For instance, you can require certain fields or give drop-down options to ensure consistency in your forms. Plus, the right solution will integrate with your existing business systems to make it easier than ever to ensure that the same information is used across your entire organization.

Create a Trail to Prove Compliance

The right data capture and forms solution automatically creates the documentation trail you need to prove compliance (HIPAA, SOX, etc.)—without requiring you to go through extra steps to create the documentation.

Choose the Simple Forms Solution

Webdocs Forms Management helps organizations running on Windows and/or IBM i.

With automated data capture and intuitive workflows, you can eliminate errors and time-consuming processes while capturing the information you need right within your forms solution.