Automate for Intermapper

Cut Manual Steps from Your Network Monitoring Process

Bandwidth overload? Failed device? Even on your busiest days, you’re always aware of critical network events with Intermapper alerts, customized texts, emails, or sounds that notify you when network performance falters. Now a brand-new interface with Automate, a sister solution from Fortra, introduces possibilities you can use for even smarter network mapping and monitoring through automation.

How Intermapper and Automate Interface

With a little up-front work, you can combine the power of Intermapper alerts and Automate scripts to implement manual activities for you. Anyone deploying Automate for Intermapper on the Windows platform has the ability to pre-define Automate actions that can be triggered by custom-created Intermapper alerts. All actions and alerts must be manually configured and properly linked on a device-by-device basis. Once the back-end work is done, together, the products will alert and act just as you've instructed them.

Common Use Cases

Combining Intermapper's robust mapping capabilities with Automate's ability to simplify business processes through automation can save you time and improve the quality of your network monitoring. Here are some of the things you can do with Intermapper and Automate:

  • Restore or restart failed devices or services. If a service you're monitoring on a target host stops or stalls, instead of manually restarting the service yourself, have Automate execute the task and restart it for you in response to a custom Intermapper alert.
  • Manage log file creation. As Intermapper captures network activity, its log files grow. Use Automate to move or rotate log files to another location to help control the growth of the log file folder.
  • Perform safer backups. Built-in backup options save your maps locally to Intermapper. For improved security, Automate can run a task to move the backup file off the server to another location.


  • Ability to set device-specific Automate commands to run when triggered by user-created Intermapper alerts
  • Automate key system activities like map backups and file transfers


Licensed versions of Intermapper and Automate are required to utilize the interface between the two products. Users must also:

  • Run Automate and Intermapper on the same server
  • Deploy Automate and Intermapper on the Windows platform
  • Run Intermapper version 5.9 and Automate version 10 or later



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