Skybot is now known as Automate Schedule. Designed for flexibility and ease of use, Automate Schedule gives you central control over your enterprise IT processes.



Automate Schedule, formerly known as Skybot Scheduler, is powerful cross-platform job scheduling software that automates complex business processes. Automate Schedule eliminates the need to maintain multiple job schedules, integrating your workflows across Windows, UNIX, Linux, and IBM i systems from a central console. With over 25 scheduling options to choose from and support for event-driven scheduling and alternate reactive paths, you’re no longer limited to scheduling jobs at the same time every day.

Automate Schedule integrates with the critical applications that keep your business running, like Informatica PowerCenter and Cloud, SAP, and Oracle E-Business Suite. With Automate Schedule, not only can you automate tasks within each of these applications, but each application workflow can be consolidated into a single, comprehensive enterprise schedule. If you’re currently using a basic scheduler like cron or Windows Task Scheduler, your existing job schedules can be easily incorporated into Automate Schedule.

Automate Schedule also offers automated auditing and reporting capabilities and custom notification options so that you and your team stay aware of important scheduling events across the enterprise. Support for high availability reduces the risk of expensive unplanned downtime.

By taking tedious, manual processes and job monitoring out of your hands, Automate Schedule saves time and resources for the work that moves your business forward.

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