Sequel Data Access

Enterprise Data Access Software for IBM i

Flexible, simple, modern data access tool

Easy Data Access for All

Empower IT, business users, and decision makers with easy access to data from Db2 for i and remote databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and others using the query builder tool in Sequel Viewpoint.

Enterprise Dashboards and Reporting

Design and present actionable data visually using the Sequel Viewpoint GUI or secure, mobile-friendly dashboards. Graphs and gauges make data easy to digest for better business intelligence. Automated reports keep it relevant without overtaxing IT.

Business Application Integration

Incorporate data from any IBM i applications business users access every day, like HarrisData, MEDHOST, TMW, Island Pacific, and in-house applications. Make it easy for them to work with their data by exporting to Microsoft Excel.


Key Data Access Features

System Requirements: IBM i 7.2 or higher

Three intuitive interfaces

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Access your data the way you prefer. Create queries using the green screen, point-and-click GUI (Sequel Viewpoint), or an intuitive browser interface (Sequel Web Interface)—from anywhere. Alternately, access views directly in Microsoft Excel. Learn more >

Sequel Data Access Application Integrations

Many organizations need to pull data from multiple business applications across multiple platforms every day. Without the right tools, querying these applications for the right information can be challenging and time-consuming.

Sequel integrates with business applications running on your IBM i and across platforms without the need for expensive customization. Use Sequel with enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications like HarrisData or transportation management software like TMW for quick, easy data access and analysis. Get the information you need from your business application software for better business intelligence.

HarrisData ERP solutions are commonly used to manage material, money, and time for organizations. Consequently, every ERP system holds a huge repository of data. Sequel makes it easy to access all of the data stored in the ERP. As a result, you can be certain that Sequel reports and analysis are delivering a full spectrum of accurate data from HarrisData.

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TMW application software is frequently used in the transportation industry to manage business operations (i.e., shipment planning and execution). A tremendous amount of data is stored in TMW. Sequel lets you access all data stored in TMW. Plus, you can search and filter any information contained in TMW data files, such as fuel purchases, truck activity, and billing details. When organizations merge Sequel with TMW, they are able to maximize their key data.

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Infor business applications include ERP software that is used to manage services, manufacturing, and financial information, among others. Sequel harmoniously integrates with Infor products. Sequel can be used to pull Infor data into reports that deliver a full-picture summary of the business status over a specific time period. Plus, Sequel can be used to create documents and files from Infor data. Because of the working relationship between Sequel and Infor, organizations are able to make the most of their critical business data.

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Island Pacific retail management software is frequently used as an ERP application to manage orders and planning. An abundance of information is stored within the ERP application(s). Sequel works with existing Island Pacific applications to extract data for analysis and reporting. As a result, Sequel makes it easy to turn Island Pacific data into usable information.

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MEDHOST enterprise and departmental solutions are utilized by healthcare facilities nationwide to manage information. Sequel integrates with MEDHOST, allowing you to access data across all MEDHOST application database files. Plus, you can use Sequel to access clinical and patient information, such as physician name, admission discharge dates, and patient number. With the power of Sequel and trusted MEDHOST databases, data access is thorough and secure.

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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an ERP software solution that businesses depend on for financial and project management, among other things. Sequel can be used in conjunction with EnterpriseOne to access data files and turn data into usable information. Between Sequel and EnterpriseOne, ensuring data integrity and accuracy is simple and efficient.

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Before, we might spend thousands of dollars for a report that I can now create in eight hours or less. We do everything in-house, so Sequel has really paid for itself.

Ryan Hulce, IT Specialist, Tipton Hospital

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