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Webdocs for AP

Invoice Capture and Processing Software

How does Webdocs for AP automatically get data from invoices, POs, and other documents?

Accounts Payable Process


For ERP systems without easy PO requisition, create web-based PO requisition forms with Webdocs for AP to route through built-in workflows


Scan or import invoices into your EDMS, or use folder or email monioring to automatically extract data from documents. Or capture invoices from vendor or bank portals with our RPA capabilities. Whatever way you get invoices, they can be captured directly into the Webdocs for AP system.


The advanced document capture tool uses state of the art OCR and business rules technology to transform data and classify incoming documents without manual effort. Invoices that pass all validations go directly to Webdocs, and data goes to your ERP. Documents with exceptions are passed to a user in a workflow for validation.


With intelligent capture, Webdocs for AP can find the right information on your documents and perform 2- or 3-way matching to make sure POs and invoices are correct.


Route invoices to the right people and systems—hands-free. Exceptions and approvals are flagged automatically with Webdocs for easy review.


Export extracted data and images to your ERP system and Webdocs secure document storage.  Data is formatted so your ERP can import it directly via an XML file or RESTful API.  After the validation process data can pass to the ERP vouchering system. 


Access, archive, or workflow documents securely from our web browser interface—without an extra desktop application. Or integrate directly into your ERP applications, whether through IBM i green screen or Windows applications. Securely manage documents and ensure regulatory compliance with version and audit control.

Key Features of Webdocs for AP

AP automation for PO and non-PO based invoice management features

Key Features

  • Scan invoices or capture data digitally with a web-based form
  • Route invoices and other documents through any workflow or approval processes
  • Process payments with PO and non-PO processes
  • Print and store less paper, reducing paper shuffle
  • Automate AP processes from beginning to end
  • Access documents from ERP or other systems from anywhere, at any time

What is Invoice Capture and Processing Software?

Invoice capture and processing software streamlines your accounts payable processes by capturing invoices electronically and routing them throughout every step of your workflow. Webdocs for AP automates everything from matching and GL coding to approvals and payments—and more.


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Webdocs for AP can handle all of these documents—and more!


Purchase Orders

Sales orders

Packing slips

Freight bills

CBP forms

Transcripts and student records

HR forms

Medical claims

Tax forms

Still have questions about how AP automation works? Read our FAQ to get answers!


Benefits of Our Advanced Capture Solution

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Core Intelligence

Out-of-the-box intelligent data capture and advanced OCR engine for data extraction and classification.

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Definition Creation

Use preconfigured or create customized definitions to easily capture data from any vendor invoice.

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Self Learning

Our solution gets smarter as it processes new documents or exceptions that don't pass, to improve accuracy.

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User Review Station

It's easy to review and approve exception documents on our web-based or client application.

Go Paperless

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Invoice Capture Software for Any Industry

An AP Specialist saves time and manages invoices easily

Organizations in virtually any industry—from healthcare to manufacturing and distribution—will benefit from invoice processing software.

Step ahead of the competition by capturing and processing your invoices electronically. Make payments on time, get rid of process bottlenecks, and reclaim valuable person-hours with document automation.

See what automated processing could look like in your industry.

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