Vityl IT & Business Monitoring Pricing Plans

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring Pricing Plans

Explore our free version, get pricing information for our enterprise options, and find the right version for your needs.


Why Use a Monitoring Software with Business Insight?

SIEM Data normalization

Being able to quickly detect the impact that IT problems have on a business is essential, regardless of where they occur, whether it's in your local infrastructure or in the cloud. A monitoring software works with actionable intelligence, so that you can proactively manage potential incidents, assuring your company, users, and customers that they systems will work and perform at their best. 

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring allows you to easily integrate information from any source. This gives you a clear visibility into the status of the business and information to speed up the diagnosis of problems, prioritize their resolution, and maximize Service Levels. 

With Each Vityl IT & Business Monitoring Licensing Plan You Get:

Personalized dashboards

Streamlined incident response

Normalized data sources

Event context and enrichment

Built-in and tailored integrations

Complete audit trails and scheduled reporting

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring Licensing Plans

  Free Version Subscription Perpetual Unlimited
Ideal for...

Small IT infrastructure or organizations new to system monitoring.

Businesses of all sizes working on building of a monitoring team. Large, growing enterprises looking for a long-term solution. Large, growing enterprises looking for a long-term solution.
Device coverage

Monitoring for devices rated up to 20 points.

Monitoring and prioritization for the number of points you need.

Monitoring and prioritization for the number of points you need.

SQL express server package      
Predictable pricing No cost
Unlimited data
New product upgrades  
Phone, email, and online support  

Monitor Any Data Source


Connect standard data sources as quickly as possible, using preconfigured out-of-the-box templates, allowing you to start monitoring as soon as you connect them.

Have an asset that is vital to your organization, but doesn’t have a built-in workforce? Vityl IT & Business Monitoring can also provide normalized data for non-traditional assets.

Free version of IT monitoring and points calculator


Monitoring tools are often geared towards large companies, but that doesn't mean that small and medium-sized businesses don't have the same needs. However, when it comes to investing in a tool, they often find that the costs are out of their reach. Our free monitoring software is an ideal solution for growing small and medium-sized companies. It offers a perfect prelude to the enterprise version of Vityl IT & Business Monitoring, which is scalable and can be adapted to the needs of any size company.

With our free monitoring software, you get all the same functionality that is available in the enterprise version, for a limited number of devices. Each type of asset is assigned a value based on its size and configuration needs. Thanks to our capacity calculator, you will be able to determine if the free version will be enough to monitor all the devices you need or if, instead, one of our other available plans better suit your needs.

Your monitoring needs can be fully met by the freemium version of Vityl IT & Business Monitoring! Download now to start gaining insight into your environment.


How is Vityl IT & Business Monitoring Used?

Learn how IT service monitoring software is used on a day-to-day basis and how your organization can use it. 

Watch the webinar.


Watch a short demo to see how Vityl IT & Business Monitoring can protect your business and your customers from devastating data breaches with proactive threat management and streamlined incident response.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of our sales representatives will contact you to discuss your needs and provide you with a price estimate for Vityl IT & Business Monitoring.

By completing the form to request the free version of Vityl IT & Business Monitoring, you will receive access to download the tool. You will also receive a link to all Vityl IT & Business Monitoring support manuals to help you quickly connect and start monitoring data sources. Download the free version >

Use our calculator to see if the free version is sufficient for all your needs. If you have questions, you can write us an email at contact

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring monitors operating systems such as Windows and Linux, routers and switches, firewalls, databases, web servers, and other standard data sources. Vityl IT & Business Monitoring can also monitor non-traditional applications, databases, or other unique assets that are vital for an organization.  

To learn more and get a complete list of all the built-in templates, please request a live demo.

The subscription model gives you access to all the functions of Vityl IT & Business Monitoring, including Technical Support service and updates for new versions lasting one year. If at the end of the year you decide not to renew your subscription, you will lose access to Vityl IT & Business Monitoring. 

The perpetual license also gives you continuous access to Vityl IT & Business Monitoring, as well as one year of maintenance, which includes the Technical Support service and new version updates. If you decide not to renew your maintenance contract, you will no longer have access to support and updates, but you can continue to use Vityl IT & Business Monitoring in perpetuity.

Both plans have different tiers depending on your needs. Use the same point calculator on this page to find out which licensing plan best meets the specific needs of your business.

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