Intermapper Helps Secure Subscribers at Cascade Networks

Network monitoring and proactive customer service are keys to telco success


A big part of any telecommunications provider strategy hinges on loyal customers that renew subscriptions and attest to service reliability. Using Intermapper, Cascade Networks has created an early warning system that gives technicians real-time status information about devices and connections across their five county service area. Potential problems are noted and fixed before customers notice a thing. Customers are impressed. Subscriptions are renewed.

Telecomm Success Requires Proactive Customer Service

Cascade Networks provides high-speed wireless and fiber optic Internet access to customers across a five county area that stretches from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. Two-thirds of the subscriber base is commercial; companies that rely on Cascade’s services to communicate with customers and sell products. The other third are private residences that lack access to cable modem service or DSL.

Satisfied customers that renew subscriptions and attest to service reliability are an ISP’s keys to success. Brian Magnuson, President, went looking for a network monitoring solution that would point out potential problems that could be fixed before customers were affected.

He found Intermapper. “I was really interested in the developers’ stories,” said Magnuson. “They’re network guys who know a lot about hard platforms.”

Network Monitoring Reveals Potential Problems

Telecommunications network monitoring is the key to ensuring a healthy network. Intermapper monitors every router on Cascades’ networks. The real-time information that appears on maps and reports enables Magnuson’s team to stay on top of potential problems.

Every technician accesses network maps using Intermapper Remote Access. Cascade has several client providers that also use Intermapper RemoteAccess to connect to their own subnet maps and data. “They usually take care of their own networks using Intermapper but if they can’t figure things out, they can call us and we can access the same information.”

Cascade has also benefitted from the continuous addition of probes that monitor new types of wireless gear. According to Magnuson, Cascade Networks is the largest distributor of Motorola Canopy equipment. “We’ve been able to provide access to Canopy and Redline equipment and our accessories so the Intermapper development team could write and test new probes.”

Staying Ahead of Issues

Using Intermapper, Cascade has created an early warning system that delights customers. “When we see a customer go down, we give them time to call us,” says Magnuson. “Business customers get ten minutes and private customers get 30 minutes. During that time, we call the power company to see if there’s an outage. Then we call the customer to see if everything is OK. They’re always amazed we know that they’re down—sometimes they haven’t even noticed. For us, ROI is a happy customer, so Intermapper’s customer relationship value is huge.”

Magnuson also resells Intermapper through Last Mile Networks, a supplier of wireless networking equipment. Wireless providers spring up as the demand for bandwidth grows. “Lots of time there’s not a lot of in-house expertise on site,” said Magnuson. “Intermapper helps Last Mile customers note problems and notify local support teams.”

As both an ISP and a wireless equipment reseller, Magnuson clearly sees the value of Intermapper.

Map, Monitor, and Alert with Intermapper

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