Intermapper Maintenance Support Plans

Intermapper network monitoring software helps you map and monitor every device in your network in real time. With Intermapper, understanding your network activity and maintaining a healthy network with high availability is easy.

Fortra has more than 30 years of experience in the software industry. As part of the Fortra family of products, Intermapper is backed by our award-winning customer support.

What do I get with a maintenance plan?

Maintenance support plans give you access to telephone, email, and online technical support, as well as new software version releases. A Standard Maintenance plan helps ensure a smooth, successful implementation and is required for your first year using Intermapper. To receive the additional benefits provided by Maintenance Plus, you must have a Standard Maintenance plan. If you have any questions about our maintenance offerings, please send us an email at [email protected]


Standard Maintenance

Maintenance Plus

Unlimited Telephone Support 

With Standard Maintenance, you receive up to three free phone calls for How-To help per year to Intermapper Support. With Maintenance Plus, your telephone support is unlimited. Calls related to software defects are always unlimited.


Emergency License Key Service

In the event of server hardware failure, obtain a temporary license key by contacting our support team. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure your systems maintain operations.


Product License Codes for Development Testing

Obtain a 60-day temporary license code, free of charge, for testing purposes. Only one code per year, per account.


Best Practices Health Check

Request a free health check to ensure you are getting the best from your Intermapper deployment including:

  • System Requirements compliancy
  • SNMP configuration of network components (Read-only access)
  • Access Control list properly configured for Remote and Web Access
  • User Account with proper permissions
  • Intermapper Datacenter admin password set

Receive a Health Check summary report for management.


New Version Training

Attend a free training webinar for the release of new versions.


Support for Versions

Receive unlimited software support on the current version of Intermapper, as well as one version prior to the current version. (For example: if the current version is Intermapper 6.2.3, we can support versions 6.2.2 and 6.2.3.) Please note, this is different from Development support which is only provided for the most current version.


Unlimited Email and Online Chat Support

You have unlimited access to our technical support consultants via email and online chat during regular business hours.

Fortra Community Portal Access

You have unlimited access to our customer portal for a variety of self-service materials including product manuals and documentation, product downloads or software updates, how-to videos, customer forums, and other helpful resources. The portal is where our team will post technical alerts regarding your software. You will also have the ability to create cases and get real-time status updates.

Remote Assistance

Our technical support consultants can problem-solve with you remotely.

Product License Codes for DR Tests Upon Request

Customers may request a short-term temporary product license code in advance of their disaster recovery (DR) test.

Industry and Product Webinars

Intermapper hosts regular webinars on industry topics and product training. View upcoming webinars.

Access to Resources & Events

Browse the Intermapper resource library for white papers, case studies, and other helpful articles.

Single Incident Support

Under Standard Maintenance, we provide telephone support for up to three incidents, but if you need a fourth call you can purchase a single incident for telephone support.

Get Started with Intermapper

We're happy to help you get started with Intermapper. Contact us to receive a custom quote for your desired maintenance plan and number of software licenses.