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On-Demand RPA Training

Automate Academy offers a library of free tutorial videos, providing the essentials of RPA with Automate. Go at your own pace, then take the certification exam.

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Group-Based RPA Training

Looking for advanced product training? Virtual group-based RPA training offers more advanced users with in-depth, interactive, and fee-based courses led by an expert.

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Personalized RPA Training

For individualized training, take advantage of one-on-one guidance with a certified expert, using a customized approach. Cost and structure vary based on scope. 

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Get RPA Certified



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Once you gain proficiency and expertise in your RPA solution, Automate, we offer the opportunity to become certified through an RPA certification exam. Following successful completion of your certification test, you will receive an Automate Certified Certificate. You will also be recognized as an Automate Certified Workflow Developer to promote on your LinkedIn profile.

Ensure Your Automation Journey Is a Success with the Right RPA Training

Learn how to leverage RPA technology in your business through our leading-edge RPA training. Whether you’re looking for the basics with on-demand training, want to attend advanced live sessions in a group, or are looking for something more personalized, there’s always room to learn more about optimizing your RPA processes.



Start with the Basics



With Automate Academy, you will learn just how easy it is to get up and running with RPA from Automate. Through our free series of video tutorials, discover foundational knowledge you need to get the most out of your RPA solution. Learn how easy it is to set up your first automation task or workflow. Unlock our video library today to start your own guided automation journey. 


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Begin your automation training journey with Automate Academy. Unlock access to our expert RPA training and certification program to learn how easy it is to optimize RPA in your business. 

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