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What Is Website Automation?


Website automation is a way to automate common web actions—like filling out forms, clicking on buttons, downloading files—and hands them over to helpful software bots. While the internet makes doing business faster and easier in countless ways, these actions can be time consuming and prone to errors.

Many organizations look for a tool that can automate web browser tasks like logging into a site to download files or copying data from a website into a spreadsheet. Their first impulse is usually to write a custom script for the task—a solution that is not reliable, scalable, or cost-effective.

Automate’s web browser automation functionality features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface so IT and business users can quickly and easily automate browser actions without writing a line of code. Use Automate to integrate web automation with your overarching automation strategy.

Accelerate Website Automation with the Automate Browser Recorder


Automate’s web browser automation functionality features a browser recorder that enables you to record UI interactions, and converts those interactions into steps within your automation workflow. Using Automate’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can then add programming logic, including loops and conditional logic, and incorporate non-UI automation, such as parsing data into an Excel document, sending email notifications or calling an API.

With Automate, IT and business users can quickly and easily automate browser actions without writing a line of code. Use Automate to integrate web automation with your overarching automation strategy.

What Web Browser Tasks Can You Automate?

Automate interacts with browsers at the graphical interface level and can do almost anything you can do on a website, like click on links, select from a menu, type into a text box and more. When you build your processes, three types of actions are available:

Browser automation. Includes opening and closing the browser, navigating through pages, and extracting page data.

Interactivity actions. Automate elements that are not HTML-based, like a "save as" dialogue or an Adobe Flash element.

Input actions. Includes keystrokes, mouse movements, clicks, and copy/paste.

Explore more examples of web-related automation tasks below.

Watch an On-Demand Demo of Automate

Watch a few short demos to see some sample tasks and get an idea of what Automate can accomplish.

What Can Automate Do with Extracted Web Data?


After Automate extracts data, you can further automate your business processes by sending the data directly into documents, reports, or other business applications without any additional manual tasks or code writing. For example, Automate can:

  • Collect data from multiple websites to get market pricing information for eCommerce
  • Bypass CAPTCHAs to collect financial data from multiple banking websites
  • Monitor pages on your website to ensure they're up and running
  • And so much more!

Sample Website Automation Workflow

Website Automation with Automate

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