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Automate Plus is a top-rated robotic and business process automation solution that integrates front-end and back-end automation workflows across your organization. Our enterprise process automation platform offers superior flexibility and scalability that spans people, teams, and processes. Automate Plus streamlines manual tasks with a scalable, digital workforce and enables you to centrally manage assets—from workflows and users to servers and agents across a distributed network. 






The Advantage of RPA Plus BPA

RPA plus BPA means you can automate a single task within one department and multi-faceted processes spanning the entire business. Automate Plus helps you take your automation efforts throughout your organization.  

  • Powerful enterprise-grade robotic process automation handles everything from repetitive administrative tasks to highly complex, mission-critical business operations.  
  • Business process automation centralizes your automation efforts by easily integrating key business applications and systems.  

And with our no-code design, it’s easy for citizen developers to power users to put Automate Plus to work in their organization. Plus, we’re built with security in mind, so you can ensure you stay compliant with industry standards. 

Simply put: Combining RPA plus BPA gives you the power to digitally transform your business.


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Product Specs for Automate Plus


Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop task development
  • Event-based triggers and conditions
  • Database connectivity
  • Event and task execution logging
  • Error condition handling and recovery
  • Multi-machine execution
  • Simulated-user application interaction
  • Machine learning capabilities
  • Credential management
  • And more

Key Features of Automate Plus


Workflows & Component Repository

Create graphical workflows to automate complex processes with reusable components. 


 Extended Security & Audit Platform

Define multiple user profiles, integrated with Active Directory, assign granular permissions to objects and have security auditing events to comply with security regulations.


Server Ops Console

Web console to monitor execution status.


 Revision and Recycle Bin

Version control allows you to compare version differences, restore previous versions, and recover deleted objects from the recycle bin.


Multiuser Environment

Enable multiple developers, operators, and administrators concurrently working with the environment.


Scalable Architecture & Failover Environment

Grow unlimited with any number of bots to distribute execution load. And it’s possible to create a failover environment and test/dev environments.

I read a lot about the "big three" in the RPA space. I just want everyone one to know, that in my opinion, there is the "big four" - and Automate by Fortra is in that category. Automate is extremely easy to use. The interface is very intuitive, and the software has so many actions. It really is: drag, drop, configure, automate! The support is by far, the best I have dealt with and the price point beats its competition.

Jerry A, on G2

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