HR Automation

Why Use RPA in HR Processes?


Robotic process automation (RPA) software can transform your HR department by streamlining your most tedious, manual tasks. RPA bots interact with the applications and systems that span your enterprise to streamline HR processes like on and offboarding, performance reviews, and more, to eliminate errors and save you time. With RPA, you can put the focus back on working with people and helping your company grow.


Use Cases for RPA in HR

User Provisioning

Bring together applications and systems from HR, IT, Payroll, and an employee’s department to easily create, modify and delete accounts—even with different permission settings—for Active Directory, Outlook, and more.

Maintain Accurate Data

Every application that contains employee data needs to have the same, correct information. RPA integrates with applications like ADP, Ultipro, and Active Directory to push and pull data, keeping everything in sync. 

Benefits Notification

Use RPA to trigger notifications when defined conditions are met such as updating PTO amounts after an employee’s anniversary, or notifications when it’s time for performance reviews.  

Manage Time and Attendance

RPA software orchestrates between your HR and time and attendance systems—like Kronos and ADP—to ensure efficient staffing and hours. 

Benefits of HR Automation


HR automation not only transforms your processes but can also transform your team by giving them more time to focus on the strategic tasks that matter to your business. Here are just a few big ways RPA can benefit your HR department:


Create a People-Focused HR Department

Employees are your company’s greatest asset. RPA eliminates the tedious, repetitive processes to put your focus into building and maintaining a superior workforce.


More Control Over HR Processes and Workflows

HR processes can be complicated. But RPA standardizes and centralizes workflows to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and speed.


Better Collaboration Across the Enterprise

HR needs to interact with every department in your organization. RPA is key to improving collaboration and communication through seamless integrations.


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Why Fortra Automate for HR Automation?

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Getting Started with HR Onboarding Automation


A main focus of HR should be onboarding and retaining employees. Instead, they get derailed by the grunt work. Users need to be provisioned. Paperwork needs to be gathered, filled out, and securely stored. 

See how RPA can easily capture new hire information to populate and manage it across all onboarding documents, systems, and applications. 

Learn More About Automate RPA

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