Fortra's Automate: Expert Services


Fortra offers Expert Services to its Automate customers. A Fortra automation consultant will partner with your team and provide several services related to the Automate solution, including but not limited to: 

  • Expert Advice: Assist and advise on configuration changes in the customer environment. 

  • Mentoring and Training: Provide one-to-one customized training on product features to strengthen and enable your in-house team to better administer the Automate solution. 

  • Upgrades and Migration Guidance: Provide support and best practices for upgrades and seamless transition from the current Automate environment to an enterprise environment. 

  • Performance Services: Recommendations for fine-tuning your Automate tasks, workflows, and notifications. 

  • Optimization Services: Evaluate your business processes to identify workflow solutions and increase efficiency and resiliency using the Automate solution. 

Why Expert Services Offering 

  • Validate and Optimize Configurations: Customers seeking to validate using best practices and optimize the Automate solution. Guidance on how to configure new requirements in the best way possible.  

  • Fastrack Onboarding Teams: Customers looking to onboard new teams or new team members moved from a different solution. 

  • Expert Analysis: Review job history with your automation consultant and look for patterns to identify improvements or add efficiency. 


  • Expert advice to customer personnel administering the Automate solution 

  • Have a dedicated service expert familiar with the customer environment 

  • Document customer deployments for environments 

  • Recommendations on how to implement best practices 

  • Automation consultants will have access to the services and support team to fulfill its customer requests. Interaction with both teams must be done through the existing channels or processes defined by Fortra Services and Support. 

Services Overview  

  • Status review meetings (open/close cases review, new initiatives, or requirements) 

  • Server administration, tasks configuration, and notification optimization 

  • Automate consultation, security/configuration reviews, and project advice 

  • Guidance on upgrades/migrations 

  • Best practices and ad hoc training 

Scope of Services 

The offering is a well-structured service where meetings are scheduled in advance between the customer’s designated point of contact and a designated Fortra automation consultant for the duration of the service term. 


Expert Advice 

  • Meetings to understand your unique environment and governance structure 

  • Consultation and assistance with the Automate solution, requirements, and use cases 

  • Recommendations for fine-tuning your Automate solution and automation workflows 

Application Support Coordination 

  • Work closely with the Fortra support and development organizations to facilitate information for issues that require escalations 

  • Help to gather additional information (logging and configuration) as requested by Fortra technical support for faster case resolution 

Upgrades and Migration Guidance 

  • Provide a best practices approach, assistance in planning and reviewing Automate upgrades, migration (cloud, data centers), scale-out of existing environments within your organization, and offering technical recommendations 

Mentoring and Training 

  • Training on how to use Automate features 

  • Best practice recommendations, advice in product tuning, product roadmap, and release briefings 

Server Administration 

Document your Automate environment 

  • Automate Architecture 
  • Global configuration 
  • Automate Services 
  • Automate Security and Roles 
  • Structuring your workflow definitions 
  • Automate Agents 
  • Automate Credentials 

Understanding and evaluating High Availability and Disaster Recovery options 

Migrate objects from one Automate environment to another 

Automation Configuration 

Evaluate your business processes to identify workflow solutions to gain efficiency and resiliency. 

  • Create, update, and delete task automation constraints or triggers (schedule, job dependencies/triggers, or file/email triggers) 

  • Copy/move files based on business rules 

  • Load SQL data or perform ETL processes 

  • Coordinate 3rd party application processes into Automate workflows to maximize efficiency. 

  • File transfer from/to: FTP, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, AS2, Cloud storage (Azure or S3), SMB 

  • Implement system cleanup practices 

  • Error checking logic and advanced error notifications 

Out of Scope  

  • Operating system, Active Directory, LDAP, storage, database, networking management  

  • Custom script development (batch scripts, PowerShell scripts, etc.) 

  • Tech support ticket resolution 

  • Managing or monitoring any application or software 



Basic (per year) 

Standard (per year) 

Enterprise (per year) 


USD $12,000 

USD $24,000 

USD $50,000 

Hours per month 

Up to 4 

Up to 10 

Up to 24 


Service Delivery Hours 

Fortra will provide remote Expert Services to you (no on-site activities will be conducted unless mutually agreed upon and for which Customer will reimburse all travel expenses). The Fortra automation consultant will work under the direction of the manager responsible for sustaining the Automate solution.  

For any Expert Services engagement, you agree to the following: 

  • Unused hours under any plan do not carry over from month to month.  Hours must be used monthly, according to your chosen plan. 

  • Additional hours above the allotted monthly can be purchased at $250 per hour.  

  • Minimum 1-hour meetings with 30 min increments 

  • Service requests will be responded to in less than (2) business days. 

  • Operation hours are 8 am - 5 pm local time in supported regions:  
    • North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific 
  • Two (2) business days SLA response time. 

  • We do our best to accommodate schedule changes, however we require a minimum of 24-hour notice for scheduled remote working sessions. If a cancellation is made within the 24-hour window, or in the event of a no-show, we reserve the right to charge those scheduled hours. 

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