Intermapper Remote Access Product Datasheet

Intermapper Remote Access


Access Intermapper Network Information from Anywhere

Intermapper Remote Access extends the reach of Intermapper by giving you and your staff access to maps, submaps, and configuration options, regardless of your location.

Real-Time Views and Detailed Information

By connecting to the Intermapper server in your data center, Intermapper Remote Access gives you real-time views of the network. Monitor the status of routers, switches, servers, and other networking equipment remotely. Identify problems at a glance and take action before users are impacted.

Control and Configure Maps

Intermapper Remote Access gives you the power to configure every aspect of your Intermapper server. Create maps and submaps, set or acknowledge alerts, or view maps and reports from anywhere in the world.

Cross-Platform Support

Intermapper Remote Access runs on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and popular Linux distributions.

Secure Access Intermapper

Remote Access connects to your Intermapper server securely, through firewalls. All data is encrypted with SSL protocols. Username/password or network address authentication provides access on a map-by-map basis.

Flexible Licensing

To fit your organization’s specific needs, we offer two different licensing models: individual and pooled. Individual licenses allow you to connect to any Intermapper server from one remote client, and are commonly used by single users.

Pooled licenses provide a group of users shared access to a single server from any client. Multi-location, off-site teams, and people who frequently switch between devices use the pooled model. 

Let’s Get Started

Intermapper Remote Access can help you map and monitor your network anytime, anywhere. 


  • Remotely access Intermapper maps, submaps, and configuration options
  • Access real-time views of network status
  • View detailed device information
  • Spot network problems at a glance
  • Configure every aspect of your Intermapper server


Intermapper Remote Access is an addon to Intermapper. You must have an installed, active Intermapper server. Additional requirements: 

  • Windows 8/10, and Windows Server 2012/2016/2019
  • Mac OS X 10.13, 10.14 and 10.15
  • Linux distributions, including Red Hat 7/8, SUSE 12, Ubuntu 16/18/19, and CentOS 7/8