Automate 5.5 Puts the Power of Task Automation without Programming into the Hands of IT Professionals

Posted on September 14, 2004 | Automation



Los Angeles, September 14, 2004


Network Automation, an experienced leader in automation software which was previously named Unisyn Software, is shipping the newest version of Automate, its flagship product. Version 5.5 of Automate, the leading software for automation of front and back-office IT tasks, has added a variety of features that further enable IT professionals to quickly automate projects, including scheduling, monitoring and integrating IT systems, without complicated programming.

"Automate and its drag-and-drop methodology offer IT professionals the power of assembling complex automation tasks without writing a single line of code," said Dustin Snell, CEO of Network Automation. "Our customers find that they can develop automated tasks more rapidly from ever before and maintain those tasks more affordably."

Automate breaks down common IT actions into "visual" steps

In order to create tasks, Automate breaks down common IT actions into "visual" steps, which emulate an actual user performing a sequence of steps manually. Automate uses wizards to guide users through the process of building a task by breaking tasks down into various actions and triggers. Automate is made up of three primary components: the Task Administrator, which is used to customize and direct Automate; the Task Builder, which visually sequences task steps to be carried; and the Task Service, which runs as a system service and does the work of launching triggered tasks.

Automate includes over 140 available actions and triggers that can be rapidly assembled into an automated solution. Available actions include launching and closing of applications, web sites, ftp and e-mail sessions, sending keystrokes to multiple windows interactively, focusing windows, FTP transfers, reading and writing to files, or sending email.

Version 5.5 has been improved for usability and functionality, including over 40 new actions such as ending processes, speech synthesis, SQL queries, sending network messages, and looping processes. The system also includes a variety of new triggers, such as memory and CPU thresholds, to allow users to watch and manage systems in an even broader variety of ways.

The program features Windows Dissection technology, which literally allows Automate to see inside of a window to read or set text on associated controls. This lets Automate to identify even untitled windows on the system, and work with these windows in a simple and seamless way.

The "Task Recorder Wizard" further speeds automation time by guiding the user through the task of automating processes by recording mouse movements and keyboard strokes. The wizard then generates an Automate task and editable stapes to allow the user to make any minor alterations that might be needed. Once the recording is done, users can playback (at a quicker or slower speed) in order to adjust the program.

For those who have programming experience, Automate contains a built-in, industry standard, Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA)-compatible scripting environment. This Integrated Development Environment lets user leverage the core capabilities of Automate to automate any type of task not already supported by the provided pre-programmed tasks.

The program supports TCP/IP based remote administration to allow users to manage remote Automate installations across the network or Internet, just as if they were local. True 128-bit encryption ensures that passwords and other sensitive data are kept entirely secure. Localized version of Automate, including those for English, French, Spanish, and Italian, are available.





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