Advanced Automation: Injecting JavaScript into Web Browser Actions

JavaScript injection is a very powerful action for web browser automations. This allows users to interact with a website exactly as the website is expecting. Adding JavaScript to Automate’s web browser actions takes your automation a step further, allowing users to build automation that controls the site as a human would when needed. 

Join Austin Stanley, Technical Consultant, in this customer-exclusive workshop to learn how to build automation using JavaScript in conjunction with Automate’s web browser actions. We’ll cover: 

  • An overview of JavaScript 

  • JavaScript automation use cases 

  • How to inject JavaScript into a web browser action 

Register now and learn how to build stronger web browser automation in Automate. 



  • Automate Installed (version 11.7 and up) 

  • Admin roles to make changes, test, build, and execute the items in the demonstration 

  • Understanding of JavaScript concepts and web browser actions is ideal 

Apr 23, 2024
30 mins