Boost Your IT Department with RPA from Automate

The pressure facing IT teams has never been higher. With an increase in responsibilities coupled with ongoing staffing shortages, there’s less time to focus on driving innovation and strengthening the value of the business.

As challenges grow, ease the burden on your IT department with robotic process automation—to boost productivity, maximize efficiency, and optimize your resources.

In this on-demand webinar, Dan Smith, Solutions Engineer at Fortra, shares how your team can create business continuity and develop long-lasting automation with the help of software robots from Automate. We cover:

  • Where Automate can help transform processes like application testing, user management & provisioning, service desk management, and more
  • How Automate provides IT teams with powerful blueprints to streamline both frontend and backend processes
  • A live demo of Automate from Fortra

Watch now to learn how to fill the gaps in your automation strategy with Automate, the easy-to-use, scalable RPA solution built for IT.

30 minutes