Network Monitoring for All Industries


Every business can benefit from comprehensive network monitoring software. With dynamic maps, flexible monitoring, and real-time alerts, Intermapper helps IT teams from all industries stay one step ahead of network issues.

Through the years, Intermapper has stood out as the solution of choice to help technology, government and defense, and education organizations see the full picture of their networks. Discover why these core industries and beyond choose Intermapper for reliable network monitoring.

Educational Institutions

Network Monitoring for Education



Intermapper was developed at Dartmouth College, can run on macOS, and is made for organizations in education. Students and staff rely on technology to give them an uninterrupted flow of information. From laptops to smartboards, and everything in-between, network monitoring for education ensures learning never stops.

Government & Defense Entities

Network Monitoring for Government and Defense



Government agencies and contractors—both local and federal—turn to Intermapper to keep a constant guard on their networks 24/7. As a Department of Defense-approved network monitoring solution, Intermapper helps government and defense organizations stay compliant while monitoring network devices in real time.

Technology Companies

Network Monitoring for Technology Companies



From hardware and software manufacturers to telecommunications and more, the tech industry requires powerful network monitoring. Intermapper provides tech companies with the visibility they need to find and fix network issues before they become critical. With real-time information, you can optimize network performance and eliminate downtime.

Benefits of Network Monitoring for Every Business

IT professionals from all industries love the visual diagrams and flexible monitoring Intermapper provides. But there are even more benefits a comprehensive network monitoring solution can provide.

Increased Uptime

Identify issues before they become problems with network monitoring software that shows you live network performance data in an easy-to-read interface.

Faster Remediation

With a dynamic view of your network, you can easily spot the source of problems to fix them faster, whether a configuration error, abnormal traffic fluctuation, or more.

Get Immediate ROI

Network monitoring tools deliver immediate ROI by helping to avoid downtime. Remove tedious troubleshooting for your team and get back to work on more critical projects.

Keep Up with Changing Networks

Modern networks are constantly changing and growing in complexity. Network monitoring tools help you monitor all your IP assets and ensure smooth performance no matter what.

Spot Security Threats

Discover what "normal" performance looks like for your organization to make it easier to spot a spike in traffic levels, an unfamiliar device, or anything else out of the ordinary.

Easily Meet SLAs

Meet the requirements of SLAs and ensure customer satisfaction with the ability to report on performance so you can keep your promises with regards to network availability.

Why Intermapper?

Your network goes beyond your network. Intermapper maps and monitors everything with an IP address to give you a look at your entire network—whether you use Windows, Linux, or Mac.

See the Full Picture of Your Organization's Network

Put Intermapper's comprehensive network monitoring and live mapping capabilities to the test in your business with a free, 30-day trial.