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See for yourself how easy it is to automate complex business processes across multiple systems. From robotic desktop automation (RDA) and robotic process automation (RPA) to business process automation (BPA), Automate provides powerful automation for anyone.

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Why Choose Automate?

  • Easy Installation: Get up and running with automation in minutes, not days
  • No-Code Automation: Quickly build bots with form-based development, a powerful recorder, and 600+ automation actions
  • Event-Driven Triggers: Kick off a workflow based on an event like a file arrival or an update to a database
  • Improved Accuracy: Eliminate human error from your processes and get notified instantly if anything goes wrong

There are four factors I look for in a software solution: The toolset the software provides, the learning curve of the tool, support strength, and cost. Automate ticks all the boxes on the positive for my company and my customers.

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