Get Enhanced Bot Security and Machine Learning Capabilities in Automate 11.4

Posted on August 28, 2020

Automate RPA Software version 11.4 has been released and is available for download! As we continually work hard to improve the Automate experience, we are excited to share how our latest version gives users more enterprise-grade security features and extended automation capabilities through machine learning and application integration.

RPA software from Automate, version 11.4

What's New in Automate 11.4?


Enhanced Enterprise-Grade RPA Security Features

RPA bots often handle sensitive data as part of your business processes. That’s why it’s important to ensure proper security in your bots or tasks. Automate has always provided security features to keep your data safe and have further improved on them in this latest release. With these new features, Automate 11.4 brings comprehensive security to credentials and other sensitive data items.

Secure variables and secure credentials go hand-in-hand when it comes to bot security. When creating a variable, users can enable a ‘secure variable’ setting which will obscure the value of the variable while a task is being edited. This allows for stronger security in tasks that integrate with applications that require credential and password access. And for Automate Plus and Ultimate users, 11.4 introduces secure credentials which, once created, are permanently masked, and access and use can be controlled to ensure credentials are not compromised.

Giving multiple users access to view and edit credentials to a particular system, such as an FTP server, is not a secure way to run automation. For example, a manager may have access to view and edit credentials to your FTP server, but the team members building the automation tasks don’t. Instead of having to share credentials in ways that aren’t secure, Automate users can implement secure credentials. These can be used by any permissible group of users in an Automate task without risking security, allowing for seamless automation and secure integration between systems.

Combine the Power of RPA with Machine Learning Capabilities

As we look to the future of automation, we’re excited to help users combine the power of RPA with machine learning. As you use Automate to streamline your most tedious, repetitive, rules-based tasks, machine learning lets you expand your automation to include tasks where more critical thinking is needed. This is accomplished in 11.4 through an integration between Automate Plus or Ultimate and an existing machine learning framework, specifically ML.NET from Microsoft.

Machine learning and RPA can be used to solve complex problems, like interpreting text or image files, generating forecasts, sentiment analysis, or making product recommendations—just to name a few. For example, when you’re trying to improve the customer experience and need to know what your customers are saying about your organization, this is often a very manual process. From reading through review sites and going through NPS surveys, then taking an appropriate response or action, this type of work can be time consuming.

Luckily, you can streamline the process with RPA and machine learning. An RPA bot can pull Yelp reviews and have your trained machine learning model classify the review as positive or negative and then take the appropriate remediation action. If you’ve got a bad review, get an automatic alert so a team member can take action, or a preset reply can be sent from the system. These capabilities give you back your time to focus on putting your customer experience first.

Extended Automation Capabilities

Automate has always stood out for providing native API integration capabilities. And with the 11.4 release, we’ve added more enhancements that make it even easier to integrate third-party systems with Automate. We’ve enhanced the way data is passed directly into tasks and workflows from third-party applications, extended our API integration to support industry standards such as REST and OAuth, and made it even easier to move data to and from third-party systems.

Automate 11.4 also simplifies how all Automate users work with third-party applications by masking the complexities of the different authentication mechanisms, interchange formats, HTTP sessions, and more. For example, when you need to pull data from third-party applications like SAP or Salesforce for generating reports, users can now define the connection and authentication scheme within Automate and use it in various tasks and workflows to import data needed to generate the reports.

For more details on everything included in this release, learn more in the Automate 11.4 release notes.

Customers: Upgrade to Automate 11.4


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