How the Automate Plus Security and Audit Platform Protects Your Organization (Video)

Posted on May 24, 2017

Many organizations make their first foray into automation by automating a simple repeated task or two. That’s a great way to shave a few hours off your team’s workload, but in a growing or complex organization you will eventually find that you need a solution with enterprise-class capabilities.

Automate Plus is a comprehensive platform designed to start by meeting your current automation needs and then scale with you as your requirements grow. In this series of videos, Richard Schoen from Fortra demonstrates some of the advanced modules Automate Plus offers to support your enterprise automation strategy.

Missed the first video? Learn about the Automate Plus Ops Console here.

In this video, Richard introduces the Enhanced Security and Audit Platform, which helps you easily maintain security and compliance of your automated operations.


With the Enhanced Security and Audit Platform you have sophisticated controls over user access, and it’s easy to know exactly what has happened in your environment, when it happened, and who did it. Its features include:

  • Active Directory integration: User roles and system level access can be controlled by departments using Active Directory authentication. Query Active Directory and log user information, or generate Active Directory audit reports.
  • User and group permissions: Assign specific permissions to every individual, team, and department in your organization and give them permission to only the necessary workflows and agents.
  • Change history: Every step in workflow creation and subsequent change is recorded in audit logs. This allows errors to be traced back to the origin point.
  • Notifications: In the event a workflow fails, all information is logged and can be sent to administrators or groups via email.
  • Custom logs: Aggregate, monitor, and manage business specific workflow such as FTP transfer statistics, file processing and throughput metrics, and more.

Jump to 1:42 in the video to see Richard demonstrate the user setup function. Or get your own personalized demo of Automate Plus today.