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Automate Named One of Best RPA Solutions

Posted on April 10, 2019

Automate was named among the Best Robotic Process Automation Software in the G2 Grid® for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) from G2. G2 is a software reviews platform for business software and services, and this categorization is based on market presence and customer satisfaction as reported on their platform.

In order to qualify as an RPA software in this category, according to G2, the software needs to:

  • Deploy bots into third-party applications
  • Allow users to build workflows for said bots to follow, via development environments or recording capabilities
  • Automate tasks for employees, both with and without human intervention

(qualifications taken from

So what does it mean to be one of the best RPA solutions?

Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions aim to automate manual tasks within an organization. Those daily, weekly, or hourly file transfers? RPA software can handle them. Those price checks on competitor websites? Yep, that’s an RPA task. Extracting data from hundreds of PDFs into one Excel file? Also an RPA task.

Basically, RPA is about

  • Saving time
  • Saving money
  • Avoiding errors
  • Letting people get back to value-adding work

The G2 report aggregated scores from Automate customers to give an average. Then they ranked the top RPA solutions based on these scores. In the leaderboard, Automate stands in the “Niche” category, ranked based on the following criteria: overall satisfaction, quality of support, ease of administration, meeting requirements, ease of setup, quality of support, and ease of doing business.

This assessment was conducted independently by G2 and surveyed real Automate customers. G2 reports that the average satisfaction rating from ease of use was 86%. Users ranked ease of doing business with the Automate team at an average of 89%.  

Automate customer satisfaction

Here’s what one reviewer says:

“Automate comes with an enormous set of functions (actions and triggers), has a clear and intuitive interface. The way you put together a task/workflow is very logical and what perhaps most important: "help" is also very clear and gets you on the way quickly if you're stuck with a problem.

Another great feature is that you can switch from the easy drag & drop (no coding) method of developing, to text mode and add custom code to create even more complex tasks.”

According to G2, customers find that Automate meets their organization’s requirements. It also ranks higher than average for ease of setup, a crucial part of implementing an RPA solution.

Automate customer satisfaction

G2 also specifically ranked the best RPA solutions based on aspects of ease of use. 52% of respondents for Automate were from mid-market companies, with 24% from enterprise-sized companies, and 14% from small businesses. Automate was ranked higher than average on Ease of Admin, another critical part of using RPA software.


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