See the Automate Plus Ops Console in Action (Video)

Posted on May 16, 2017

Automate Plus is designed to help you go beyond automating simple tasks to create enterprise-class automation across your organization. One critical tool Automate Plus offers is the Automate Plus Ops Console, a web-based interface that gives you the ability to monitor and manage your automation from any device, helping you and your team make better and faster strategic decisions. In a new video series, Richard Schoen demonstrates some of the advanced feature options available with Automate Plus. 

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The first video introduces you to the Automate Plus Ops Console and how it can benefit your organization. Check it out below:


The Automate Plus Ops Console can be installed on Windows or Linux and is powered by Fortra Insite, which was designed to provide a centralized view of all your Fortra products. The interface is mobile and responsive, so it works on any device, anywhere, with an internet connection. The Ops Console augments the existing Windows Server Management Console or Web Server Management Console.

The Ops Console provides a single view of all your automated operations. New dashboards can be customized or added as needed. Getting an easily accessible overview of system activity quickly brings abnormal behavior to the surface and a display of system error messages places important problems front and center. For example, you can monitor deviations from normal execution runtimes to find any anomalies.

You can also use the Ops Console to manage workflows from afar—run, stop, pause, resume, enable, or disable any action. Need to quickly understand the steps in a process or how it relates to your overall operations? Drill down to see the dependencies on any given item.

Watch the video to see Richard demonstrate some top features of the Ops Console. Or get your own personalized demo of Automate Plus today.