Medical Device Company Ensures Uptime with Intermapper

Real-time monitoring helps physicians meet patient SLAs


A leading medical device company manufactures a device that helps physicians diagnose heart disease faster and more accurately.  

Back in 2008, their systems engineer realized the need to redesign their network architecture and implement network monitoring software to better ensure the success of their business. IT needed to know that data center equipment, which processes the patient data, was responsive 24/7, providing fast results to doctors and patients.

Finding the Right Software

The healthcare company needed healthcare network monitoring software that was efficient, and their systems engineer chose Intermapper. “Monitoring can’t be a full time job. There’s too much other work to do. Intermapper is stable—I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with the software itself. In terms of management, I haven’t found anything better.”

Intermapper has become the company’s primary internal monitoring system, watching local network traffic, internal applications, general server health, and connections to the internet. If problems occur, Intermapper provides IT with the information they need to fix it before the customers—the hospital and the patient— are affected.

The company maintains a 20-minute service-level agreement (SLA) on analysis results. They determine performance problems in the network by watching how many EKG tests are waiting for analysis. Intermapper’s ability to monitor the queue of tests in real time, and to alert the company of any delays, is critical for the company’s success.

Success with Network Monitoring

To monitor the network effectively, they leveraged “the ability to create any type of probe I need with Intermapper. The command line probe facility has been a huge bonus. It allows us to get critical data from devices that don’t use SNMP. In contrast, Zenoss doesn’t support command line probes, so half of our stuff wouldn’t be monitored if we had deployed a different network monitoring software.”

In terms of ROI, according to their systems engineer, “it comes down to functionality and price point. We can keep the monitoring system up to date and current for less than we spend on SSL certificate renewal every year.”

The company also experiences ROI because Intermapper informs them when there is an impending outage, giving them time to troubleshoot and stay online to provide efficient medical data to their customers. Though they humbly advertise five nines, “they’ve managed 100% uptime with Intermapper, except for scheduled outages. It’s nice to be able to say that the only time we were offline is when we planned to be offline.”

The company’s ability to report time-sensitive medical data back to physicians efficiently requires a high availability network. Intermapper helps them maintain uptime and monitor for outages that could affect both network and physical health.

Stay Up and Running with Intermapper

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