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Top Bakkers Boosts Productivity with a Centralised Automation Solution

Automate, a robotic process automation solution from Fortra, helps Top Bakkers transform processes for greater efficiency.


Top Bakkers is a network of local bakers throughout the Netherlands that provides a competitive, broad, and innovative bread and pastry offering throughout the country. Top Bakkers manages 65 regional bakeries, spread nationally. When they wanted to streamline their processes—including replacing an existing marketing automation tool—they turned to Korper ICT.

Based in the Netherlands, Korper specialises in providing clients with workload and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. As a Fortra Platinum Partner, Korper introduced Top Bakkers to Automate to speed up business processes through automation.

Jaap van Beusekom, IT Manager at Top Bakkers, worked closely with Korper to implement RPA. Van Beusekom found Automate’s intuitive, drag-and-drop interface easy to use and especially found value in the number of connections he could set up to their various business applications.

Centralised Automation

Coordinating data processes across the 65 bakeries was a challenge. “Purchase and ordering is all about data automation these days,” van Beusekom says. “And Automate is really helping us forward.” Automate provides a central platform for all data exchanges and ETL processes. Using an extensive toolset and a low-code development method, critical business processes like order and invoice processing is easily streamlined, as well as reading and writing data to central databases. Letting Top Bakkers keep their data moving through one, easy-to-orchestrate tool.

Beyond streamlining data extraction and transformation, they’ve been able to use the power of Automate to help improve customer relations. Through the automation of communications, such as email confirmations and product specifications, they can easily keep buyers and customers up to date with the latest state of affairs–all while complying with national legislation.

“Now we can make custom jobs and get it all done in one environment,” van Beusekom says.

Boosted Productivity, Reduced Errors

Thanks to automation, Top Bakkers has seen a major boost in their productivity. “What we see is that with the same amount of people, we do more every day,” van Beusekom says. Plus, they’ve noticed a significant reduction in human errors. With just 1.5 FTE, they can send out more than 1 million invoices a month. And they’re only growing from there.

“The greatest satisfaction for us is that most of the employees don’t even know what is running in the background due to the simplicity and very high uptimes,” van Beusekom says. “I can say many processes are running much smoother now.”

Culture of Automation

Through the partnership of Korper and Fortra, Top Bakker found a solution that was flexible, scalable, and proved its value in no time. Thanks to Automate’s powerful and easy-to-use workflows, the team has less-stressed employees and much happier customers. Plus, they’re rethinking the way they work as they embrace automation.

“Since we started using Automate, I see a different approach from many employees in how they face certain challenges,” van Beusekom says. “More and more they are relying on the fact that automation is possible in many ways.”

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