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When you purchase an automation solution, it should align to your business goals and build the foundation for excellence in your organization. That’s why we go beyond providing top-rated RPA technology. We also offer comprehensive services and trainings that propel you to success in your RPA journey.


Automate Services

We offer a variety of services that help you rapidly achieve ROI for your RPA project and increase confidence in your investment. These services get you up and running quickly and make sure you stay at peak performance to deliver lasting success.

Expert Services

Automate Expert Services provides a dedicated Fortra automation consultant familiar with your environment to offer expert advice, mentoring and training, and guidance for upgrades, migration, and performance, and solution optimizations. 

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Assessment Services: Automation Assessment

Uncover value-added automation opportunities within your existing business processes. The Automation Assessment enables you to identify and prioritize these automation opportunities, fill process gaps, and craft your roadmap for an automation center of excellence.

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Implementation Services


Our Implementation Services ensure that you have a successful installation of Automate that is ready for immediate use. One of our experienced Technical Solutions Consultants will work closely with your staff to ensure that your implementation meets your requirements.

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Implementation Templates

Create a reusable task template that provides quick tools and best practices for all your future implementations. We share our best methodologies for error logging and handling, task variables, basic and advanced functions, events, HTML notifications, and more.

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Upgrade Services

Automate Upgrade Services support the upgrade of the entire configuration from Automate Desktop to Automate Plus or Automate Ultimate and generate a fix plan in case we encounter issues after the upgrade.

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Migration Services

Automate Migration Services provide you with a hands-free approach in taking what you currently have and then sending it over to a new server. We’ll help you quickly migrate, while controlling costs and mitigating risks that could otherwise affect production execution.

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Good Morning Report

Connect with one of our experts to configure a daily email report to help you identify potential problems, take corrective measures, and optimize your Automate implementation.

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RPA Training and Certification

Learn how to leverage Automate technology in your business through our leading-edge RPA Trainings and Certification. Whether you’re looking for the basics with on-demand training, want to attend advanced live sessions in a group, or are looking to become RPA certified, there’s always room to learn more about optimizing your RPA processes.

Standard and Advanced Product Training

With Standard and Advanced Automate Product Training, you can ensure your automation journey is a success. Learn how to leverage RPA technology in your business through our specialized training offerings. These customized sessions enable users to optimize how they automate everything from daily processes to larger IT workflows.

Foundations in Automate Desktop

This training course is intended as an introductory course for users who have recently started using Automate Desktop, and focuses on developing basic skills that can be tailored to individual processes.

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