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Automation Audit

Identify strategic robotic process automation opportunities


The Automation Audit helps businesses maximize ROI by discovering untapped automation opportunities and offering recommendations for best practices and optimized configurations. Those new to Automate will discover how overall business processes can be improved, while existing users will identify new automation opportunities through an analysis of the current operating environment. You will receive documented suggestions to help you improve your automation infrastructure.

How Does the Automation Audit Work?


Our team of Technical Solutions Consultants will conduct the audit, which takes an average of four weeks to complete. During the audit, we’ll evaluate all aspects of your existing processes and identify new areas where automation can be leveraged. The audit is designed to provide additional cost savings for your organization, whether or not you already use Automate.

What Does the Audit Include?


To complete the Automation Audit, members of our team are on site for two days gathering data and identifying relevant technical and business challenges. Additional information may be gathered over the phone or during a web session, all of which will be compiled in a 20–40 page audit report.

Once the report is complete, we present a 45-minute Automation Audit presentation via WebEx to share our findings and recommendations and to review next steps.

For prospective users, we will evaluate all current processes to identify automation opportunities or areas requiring process optimization.

Elevate your automation strategy with an Automation Audit.


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