Automate RPA Community

Automate RPA Community

Your one-stop shop for automation education, free RPA training, and RPA bots

Automate Bot Store

Scale your automation strategy with pre-built bots and digital workers, available for download.

We have hundreds of available bots and continue to build new ones to maximize the value of your solution. 

In the Automate Bot Store, you'll find bots for:

  • SAP automation
  • Zendesk tasks
  • PowerShell scripts
  • Adobe Creative Suite interaction
  • And more!

Get Product Support

The Fortra Community Portal has resources to help you make the most of Automate. Use customer-specific forums to:

Keep up to date on the latest updates to the software

Troubleshoot error messages

Find best practices for triggers, conditions, tasks, and workflows

Ask questions about installs and upgrades

Our RPA Vision

RPA should revolutionize the way things work at your organization. But you shouldn’t have to spend half your operating budget in order to save time and money. Automate RPA gives you what you need to automate manual processes and streamline operations at your organization. Our value comes from software that's built and priced right for employee-driven, enterprise-wide automation.

Easy-to-use, easy-to-install software so you’re up and running faster

Simple pricing so you can scale and make the most of your digital workers

No-code bot building so every user can find a way to eliminate manual tasks

How Can We Help?

Whether you have questions about how automation can transform your business processes or are ready to get started with Automate, we are here to help.