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Automated Software Testing

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Product testing can be a time-consuming process for even the most efficient quality assurance departments. However, the importance of testing a product can never be understated, and the quality of the product can be directly tied to the amount of testing the product has undergone. Automated software testing is a way to automate product testing to provide better results in less time and with much less effort, allowing a better product to be delivered in a shorter period of time with less investment.

Automate provides all the tools necessary for high-level software testing to ensure a positive user experience. Automate excels at all GUI automation tasks, and includes sophisticated decision-making tools and conditional branching to enable intelligent GUI automation and software testing.

The key to this functionality is Automate's visual task design system which allows IT professionals to build tasks via the drag-and-drop interface without writing scripts, batch files, or custom programs. Automate provides over 600 prebuilt automation building blocks called actions which enable sophisticated, code-free task development through an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

Benefits of Automated Software Testing

Multi-Level Testing

Software testing tools can be used at practically any level during the product development and testing cycle.

Robust Testing

A set of tasks can be created to test everything from the look and feel of the interface, to assuring quality input and output, to proper handling of errors.

Simplify Reiterative Testing

Add additional test cases in a snap, ensuring that from beginning to end the product is fully and completely tested.

Streamline Repetitive QA Tests

Automating the testing process frees QA technicians from the repetitive manual tasks of going through checklists or compliance documents.

User Testing Browser Recorder

The Automate Recorder enables you to record UI test interactions directly within a browser, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, or from your desktop, converting those interactions into steps within your automation workflow. Easily capture common UI test actions, such as opening and closing browsers, logging into portals, navigating through pages, or recording keystrokes, mouse movements, and clicks.

As you build the UI automation, you can test steps along the way. Breaking recordings into multiple steps of the workflow ensures that you get real-time guidance and feedback—without waiting until the end of a recording to find out if a step is broken. If you encounter a glitch, you can address it right away without starting the recording over. It also eliminates the need to reconnect with your browser session as you build web-based automations.

Add programming logic, including loops and conditional logic, and incorporate non-UI automation, like logging failed UI test interactions as new Jira tickets or capturing them within an Excel document.

Because recordings can be edited within the Automate Recorder, you can easily add, modify, move or delete individual steps within recordings as needed. Come back as many times as you need to re-enter recordings and apply fixes or separate updates at any time.

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