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Get Started with F Insite®

Spot critical situations at a glance.

Using Robot Console in HelpSystems Insite allows you to combine key message summary and resource status data into a single, intuitive view. With one click, you can toggle over to a comprehensive list of messages and system resources where color-coding helps you spot critical situations and granular search functionality makes it easier for you to mass acknowledge or reply to like messages in bulk. 

Believe it or not, this technology is enabled automatically when you connect your Insite server to an IBM i that has Robot Console installed and working! Once your Insite server has been set up, no further configuration is required for Robot Console other than proper credentials. (In other words, it's FREE!)

This mobile-friendly interface lets you easily define and share informative dashboards. You can also securely view system information like alerts and updates from your preferred device. The only question now is how quickly can you leverage this single-pane-of-glass visibility to improve how IT staff and executives work every day?

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