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Network Insight

Network Traffic Analysis Software

Immediately detect critical threats other solutions miss


Network Insight monitors and analyzes network traffic to reveal critical threats in real time on any device within your infrastructure. Multiple detection engines provide definitive evidence and pinpoint the specific location of an infection, enabling security teams to respond efficiently, rapidly reduce dwell time, and prevent loss.

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Quickly pinpoint the specific location of critical threats. No experience required.

Middle Column


Leverage machine learning and multiple detection engines from day one. No baseline required.

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Quickly reveal any blindspots by using agentless technology to monitor every connected device.

How Does Network Insight Work?


Network Insight observes device behavior in real time. It is continually capturing and correlating evidence using multiple detection engines to arrive at a verdict of "suspected" or "infected."


The Case Analyzer, a context aware threat intelligence engine, confirms the infection, and a series of risk profilers assess and prioritize the infection based on the determined risk level.


Security response teams receive actionable alerts with definitive evidence and specific locations of threats for swift remediation.

Key Features

Threat Intelligence

Core Security’s threat intelligence databases includes more than over 15 years of evidence collected from observing billions of DNS requests a day, thousands of malware samples, and nearly 100 billion domains. In addition to the accumulated surveillance, Network Insight monitors many behaviors indicative of infected devices, including domain fluxing, DNS tunneling, sandboxing, and deep packet inspection.

What Sets Network Insight Apart?


Corroborates Evidence so You Don’t Have to

Network Insight automatically detects, analyzes, and confirms infections in real time, eliminating the need to conduct deep threat investigation or dedicate staff to sift through meaningless alerts.

Completes Analysis Using Multiple Advanced Detection Engines 
Unlike most threat solutions, Network Insight leverages multiple engines detection rather than relying on a single baseline. With engines focused on analyzing behavior, content, payload, threat intelligence, and more, you’re provided with an unmatched level of confidence in alerts.

Monitors Every Connected Device
Most security products only protect a fraction of all endpoints or require an agent to be installed, leaving far too many high-end IoT and other devices unwatched. Network Insight is agentless as well as OS and platform agnostic, covering any and every device in your network.

Protection for Every Endpoint

Network Insight is an agentless solution that delivers actionable information about known and unknown threats regardless of the infection’s source, entry vector, OS, or platform.

Traditional workstations

Mobile devices

Security cameras

IP telephones


SCADA systems

HVAC systems

Medical diagnostic imaging machines

Video conference units

And more!

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