How to Do CRM Automation

Posted on July 15, 2019
CRM Automation

Your customer relationship management (CRM) system is one of the most critical applications in your software stack. That’s why it’s critical that it’s updated with new information as soon as possible. Relying on employees to manually enter data slows down the process and also takes up their valuable time. That’s why you need robotic process automation (RPA) to keep your CRM up to date with the most accurate information. Whether you use Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel, or Oracle, or if your CRM is on-premise or in the cloud, RPA takes the repetitive tasks of maintaining your CRM and hands them over to software robots.

With Automate, powerful RPA software from Fortra, integrate your CRM-related workflows and automate tasks to trigger, run, and make sure the information in your CRM is in sync with the rest of your business applications. Saving you valuable time that can be better spent helping your current customers or finding new customers.

We recently hosted a webinar on Why Your CRM System Needs RPA, hosted by Pat Cameron, Director of Automation Technology at Fortra. We’ve pulled out the best examples from her demo for you to put into action. Download a free trial of Automate and follow along to see for yourself how automating your CRM system can bring your most critical business applications together to simplify your processes and save you time.

Create a Connection to Microsoft Dynamics


See how easy it is to connect Automate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With our simple drag-and-drop interface, see how easy it is to use Automate to log in, create reports, and email them directly to whoever needs to see them in your organization.


Easy Salesforce Automation with a Direct Database Connection


Using Automate’s database action, you can connect directly to your Salesforce database. You can set this connection up for an individual task or globally to be used in multiple tasks, including one that automatically pulls a report of customers from Salesforce.


Use an HTML Connection to ServiceNow


With Automate’s HTTP option, you can use ServiceNow’s API to make a connection that automatically creates new incidents within ServiceNow. See how you can automatically generate incidents whether it’s a password reset, a work order request, or more.


Connect to Your CRM Through the User Interface


If your CRM system doesn’t have the option to connect directly with a database or an API—don’t worry. You can still connect to Automate through the user interface. Using Automate’s web browser action, you can easily open a browser session, login, and run a report through the user interface.


Create Automate Workflows for Your CRM System


Now that you’ve connected your CRM with Automate, it’s time to get to work. Learn how to create workflows in Automate to pull everything together with your CRM system.


Get Started with CRM Automation

Download a trial of Automate, free for 30 days, to see how easy it is to integrate with your CRM system and start streamlining your critical business processes today.