Societe Generale Bank Brazil Uses RPA for Automatic Report Generation

Societe Generale Bank Brazil is one of the leading suppliers of financial services in Brazil. They offer consultancy and other services to both corporate and institutional clients.


The employees at Societe Generale Bank Brazil rely on critical reports and analysis in order to do their day-to-day jobs. These reports were tedious to compile and took up a big chunk of their time—holding them back from doing other value-added work.

That was until they found a flexible robotic process automation (RPA) solution—Automate Plus, from Fortra. In partnership with SicoloS Technology, they’ve put Automate’s software robots to work to perform the mission-critical reporting tasks overnight. Now employees can come in to work in the morning with everything they need to do their jobs and provide quality service to their customers.

“RPA came to join other technological projects aiming at making our collaborators’ work easier and enabling us to offer increasingly better services to our clients,” says Mario Lopes, CIO at Societe Generale Bank Brazil.

With RPA, they obtained a significant gain of time and scale, since the activities they now automate used to demand up to 6 hours of work from a single employee every day. This lets them put their team to work on more challenging and value-adding activities that help them better serve their clients.

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