Automated Batch Processing Software

Multi-machine, cross-platform automated batch processing in distributed networks


Batch processing powers the jobs, tasks, and workflows that keep your business going. Because typical batch processing requires IT developers to write detailed code to create and schedule scripts, this process can be long and tedious, taking up precious time that could be better spent on more value-added tasks.

Automate makes it easier to create the code needed to execute batch processes. With Automate, developers can create more code more quickly and make it possible for others to see what the code looks like and document each step. Automate also gives your operations staff a better view of what is happening on the system including a forecast and history.

Benefits of Batch Processing Automation

Automate multiple batch processes with one solution

Relieve staff from hours of repetitive, manual batch processing

Build batch processes without code using our prebuilt automation building blocks

Save time by allowing routine batch jobs to be kicked off, executed, and monitored by Automate

No Code with Automate


Automate enables sophisticated automation development without the need for writing and managing code. The key to the batch processing functionality is Automate's visual task design system which allows IT Professionals to build tasks via drag-and-drop without writing scripts, batch files, or custom programs.

Automate provides over 600 prebuilt automation building blocks called actions which greatly reduces development costs and timelines and makes ongoing maintenance and management of automated tasks a breeze.

Batch Process Automation Use Cases

Automated User Provisioning | Processes to Automate

Payroll Processing

Because payroll systems run periodically, they are well suited to batch process automation. With RPA, bots can perform the check writing, detailed record keeping, and general ledger functions.

Automated Reports with Automate | Processes to Automate

Collecting Sales Data

Automated batch processes help to automatically collect order forms that arrive in a variety of methods and extract the associated sales data for validation against existing data and or business rules.

Automated Data Scraping with Automate | Processes to Automate

IT Business Processes

Automated batch processes can be used to collect and report on system resources, perform file transfers, data collection, data entry, database jobs, backups, and more.

Get Started with Batch Automation

Automate is a business process automation platform with the flexibility to automate almost any repetitive process, including batch automation, saving you and your team hours every day.