Be an Automation Hero: Unleash Your Superhuman Abilities


Facing increased workloads, fewer resources, and waiting for someone to come save the day? Never fear, Fortra’s Automate is here! Automate takes the power of robotic process automation (RPA) to new heights using four distinct capabilities. These superpowers come together to turn anyone—regardless of coding experience—from a zero to an automation hero.

In this on-demand webinar, Darrell Walker, Solutions Engineer, shares action-packed examples of how to put each superpower to work in your organization and start building automation faster than a speeding bullet:

  • API Integration Kit – level up back-end automation with the ability to connect to APIs and easily process the data.
  • UI Automation – armed with the Automate Recorder, build powerful UI automation from recordings of desktop applications and web browsers.
  • Native Actions – Automate’s secret weapon for faster automation are the 70+ drag-and-drop native actions to common applications like Microsoft, Active Directory, AWS, and more.
  • Intelligent Document Processing – bring brains to Automate’s brawn with machine learning and AI that captures and classifies unstructured data without code or templates.

Watch now to discover how to harness Automate’s powers for good in your organization to boost productivity, optimize resources, and save precious time.

30 minutes