Intermapper Pricing Plans

Get information on network performance monitoring pricing, our licensing structure, and more.


Intermapper is priced for everyday network monitoring. You pay for the number of devices you monitor. Got 100 machines? You'll need a 100 device licenseno matter how many components on those machines you wish to monitor.

Our simple, predictable, device-based pricing makes it easy for organizations to grow with their changing environments. Many of our competitors make you purchase a license for every element you plan to monitor. That licensing model causes costs to skyrocket quickly. It also becomes hard to compare the value you're getting from one network monitoring solution to another.

Licensing Options by Number of Devices

Our pricing options start at 10 devicesall the way to unlimitedmaking it easy for you to scale as your organization grows.


*Volume discounting available
*Learn more about Intermapper System Requirements
*Check out our Pricing FAQ Page for answers to common questions

What Purchase Options are Available for Intermapper?

There are two great ways to purchase Intermapper.  Choose the option that's best for your organization.


An annual subscription to Intermapper software.


Lifetime license of Intermapper with first year maintenance and services included.

What's Included in the Intermapper Feature Set

Native Server Console

Flexible Monitoring

New Product Updates

24/7 Human Support


Web-Based Reporting

Integrated MIBS and Free Probes

Support of PowerShell and Command Line Script Execution

Intermapper Authentication Server

Windows, Linux, and Mac Compatibility

Intermapper's Add-On Components



Network Automation: Combine the power of automation with network monitoring to cut remediation time from hours to minutes with our network automation tool.

Intermapper Flows: Monitor traffic across your network to see top talkers and listeners with our bandwidth monitoring tool

Intermapper Remote Access: Monitor your network from home, the office—or anywhere—with our remote network monitoring tool. An Intermapper Remote Access license allows you to connect to one or multiple Intermapper servers from one remote client (for example, a workstation or laptop).

Chat with an Expert

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No Budget for a Network Monitoring Solution?

Intermapper also offers a free network monitoring option. With this basic setup, you get:

Monitoring for Up to 5 Devices
Real-Time Performance Alerts
Unlimited Map Configuration Options

The ROI of Network Monitoring

Investing in a network monitoring solution will pay for itself again and again.


What Value Can Intermapper Bring to Your Business?

Don't wait to get started with network monitoring. Get customized pricing that fits your organizations unique needs.