2021 Pen Testing Survey Report

Cyber attacks have become so common place, we're no longer surprised to see a massive breach hit the headlines. With this threat constantly looming, organizations should regularly be asking themselves, "how secure are we?" Penetration tests help to answer this question, uncovering and exploiting security threats to determine how much of a risk they pose.

The 2021 Pen Testing Report highlights results from a comprehensive survey of cybersecurity professionals, focusing on the strengths, needs, trends, and challenges of pen testing. Though not yet universally required, with 85% of respondents reporting that they pen test at least once a year, it is quickly becoming an essential practice. Those that do pen test agree that it is effective, with 91% of respondents reporting that it is at least a somewhat important part of their general security posture, and 99% of respondents reporting that it is at least somewhat important to their compliance initiatives.

Within the report, you'll find additional insights from cybersecurity professionals across industries on their experiences with pen testing, including:

  • Reasons for penetration testing and top security concerns
  • In-house and third-party pen testing team usage
  • Pen testing tools and strategies
  • The role of compliance in penetration testing
  • Shifting testing priorities with increased remote work

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