2022 Pen Testing Report

How effective are your existing security controls against a skilled threat actor? With cyber attacks now a common place occurrence, organizations are regularly having to ask themselves this question, and often get the answer only after an attack occurs. Penetration tests are a safe way to proactively evaluate cybersecurity programs, uncovering and exploiting security threats to find out what level of risk they pose to critical assets.

In order to gather valuable data on the impact of penetration testing on the cybersecurity landscape, Core Security runs an annual Penetration Testing Survey. Cybersecurity professionals from around the globe provide vital feedback on the role of pen testing in their organizations. The 2022 Pen Testing Report highlights the results from this year's survey, sharing data on the strengths, needs, trends, and challenges of pen testing.

Though respondents expressed concern for security threats like phishing (80%), ransomware (68%), and misconfigurations (57%), those who pen test agree that it is effective against such threats, with 94% of respondents reporting that it is at least somewhat important to their general security posture.

Within the report, you'll find additional insights from cybersecurity professionals across all industries on their experiences with pen testing, including:

  • Top security concerns like ransomware, phishing, and misconfigurations
  • Testing frequency and remediation
  • Compliance concerns
  • Pen testing in different environments
  • In-house pen testing team efforts and challenges
  • Using and selecting third-party teams
  • Evaluating and integrating pen testing and security assessment toolsets

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